Build A World

So we are designing a world and have had to take into consideration how it will exist and what sort of life forms are on it. So far fire has been a running theme and it has turned out beautifully but it was also interesting to look at other extreme conditions in which the world could exist. I looked into the idea of having a world which resembled a dessert with a dry arid atmosphere and inhabitants who seemed to mainly take on the form of rocks, these creatures will lie still all day absorbing the suns heat and then at night they would synthesize this heat into movement and energy so that they could move their heavy stone bodies. This world would be almostcompletely uninhabitable for creatures who had not adapted a tough outer shell in order to protect themselves from the oppressing heat and bright light, this is why much of the worlds surface would be covered in the bones of extinct species who could not learn to thrive on this planet.Image


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