Eco Warriors

The finished (almost finished) animatic.


Jellyfish World Script

Monologue: In a universe far away, in a galaxy you have never heard of there are Heroes and these Heroes are, ‘The Eco Warriors.’


The sound of engines is heard as the jellyfish ship floats into the air.

Slimy squelching noises begin as it’s tentacles descend to the world below.


Taron: No! Release us

Savannah: Help!

Octavia: Aaah!

Minos: Unhand me!

Cain: Let Go!


More screams and sounds of struggle are heard.


On the ship.

The sounds of bubbles in water can be heard when we see the Warriors floating in Test tubes.


In the shadows a shape begins to emerge.


Mystery face: Mwahahahahaha…


As the face moves in to the light it is revealed to be a nerdy little man.


Evil Overlord: Haha-CoughCoughcHACK- Inhaler where’s my inhaler?


As the switch is pulled we hear the Overlords voice.


Evil Overlord: My experiment is near completion soon I shall know how to make myself the perfect creature.


Light fills the room.


The sound of glass shattering is heard as the Warriors Break out of their test tubes.


Punches are thrown and the Eco Warriors fight for their freedom.


Cain: Hai Yeah!

Minion 1: Ugh!


Taron: Take that!

Minion 2: AAh!


Savannah: Surrender!

Minion 3: Mercy!


The sound of their footsteps is heard as they escape into the corridor.


A tear rolls down the overlords face and he whispers.


Overlord: My plan’s ruined.


Once the Warriors have escaped they pause briefly to assert their injuries and realise they are no longer human.


Cain, Octavia and Savannah: AAAiiiiyyyyyy! Tentacles! Fur!


The three girls stare at themselves in astonishment while the boys quietly assess themselves.


Taron: I found something!


???(Yucky): Sniffle snarf


Minos: What the-?

Yuckky: Snarf Snurf

Minos: Oh! I like him.