Jellyfish World (Now Spaceship) Story

The great craft passed overhead its shape bulbous and distorted with great tendrils trailing beneath it. These tentacles seemed to sift through the water in which they were being dipped and one would occasionally coil back up towards the bell of the craft clutching a creature. 
Sitting on an island far from the reach of those searching tentacles, creatures gathered on the shore and watched. Horror apparent in their wide eyes as this monstrous thing gathered and collected the animals of their oceans. The thing soon began moving away from the waters, slowly rising to the air and coming towards the land. The creatures turned and ran. Trampling friends and family beneath them, too desperate to escape to realise that it was too late for them. The tentacles wrapped around the smallest first. The feeling of the tentacles was so unnatural, cold and hard against the skin. 
The creatures were lifted through the air their screams carried away on the wind. They disappeared into the bell and the screams became silenced.

With in the ship black gloved hands gripped kicking limbs and restrained flailing bodies. The black clad things wore masks their eyes hidden behind black glass. Their clothing absorbed and deflected even the strongest attacks made by the creatures. 
Eventually everything was either caged or chained. Except for one small furry creature. It had no limbs that could be seen but it did have long thick crimson fur which trailed and pooled on the ground around it as it scurried around dodging the grasping hands of its would be captors. After a time a pair of gloved hands wrapped around the creature and picked it up. Holding the creature up above its head in triumph the thing gave a cry of victory. Walking to the nearest small cage the thing placed the creature with in and tried to close the cages door. As he was doing so however hundreds of long bright red tentacles whipped out of the cage and wrapped around the things head. The creature dragged itself out of the cage and clung to the things face. A terrified squealing could be heard from with in the mass of red tentacles as the thing attempted to free its face of this unwanted attachment.

Watching his video feed of the ship, “Heart of Jelly” the Over Lord let his head drop into his hands, “Fools Gertrude, I am surrounded by fools! I mean that is no way for minions to behave. It’s really quite shameful.” He glanced at his large pink pet. She was lying on her back clicking at him her large red eyes looking up at him endearingly, “But at least you’ll never let me down. My little shnookums, Daddy’s little baby you always make me smile yes you do yes you do.” He reached down and tickled her antenna and she clicked her mandibles in delight.


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