Eco Warriors Game

Eco Warriors Game

I created this game to go with the interactive aspect of the Creative Elements part of my course at uni. I’d appreciate any feed back on this game be it good, bad or ugly.


Like Some Other Men Do

This was the animatic my group and I made using the Anthropomorphized characters I posted earlier in my blog. I did the voices and a few of the scenes in the video. We need to improve in some areas but I think it went quite well as a piece.

Platform Game

I am currently trying to create some online games to go with the eco warriors Top Trumps cards. This is proving quite difficult especially as the soft ware I am using is relatively new to me and I am learning how to use it on a fairly tight dead line. I am hoping to finish a platform style game made in flash and so far this is going relatively well aside from a few unfortunate set backs.

Christmas Break Project

We have been given a new assignment to be completed by the 6 january, We have to create an interactive element for the work we created earlier in the year. Using the jellyfish world my group and I are creating a top Trumps game using our characters and other elements of the world. We are also going to create an Online element where we use pre made animations to create a battle style simulation between characters with different outcomes depending on the points on the cards.