The Whiskey and the Rose

The Whiskey and the Rose

My group and I are still looking at the idea of personifying Munny and his wife as a whiskey bottle and a flower and animating it to show the progression of their relationship prior to the film, ‘Unforgiven’ and the effect losing his wife has on Munny during ‘Unforgiven.’


The story line of Strawberry Alice and Delilah

Strawberry Alice

Begins film as Head Whore

Ends film in the same position.

Her character is shown to be fiercely protective of the other girls. She turns down the offer of the pony because she believes they can get more adequate revenge, the pony wouldn’t have belonged to Delilah anyway even if they had accepted it as compensation.

Strawberry Alice at this point begins gathering funds in order to put out a bounty for the death of Delilah’s mutilator so that the girls may have adequate revenge and compensation, “blood for Blood”.

Seeing as nobody wishes to hire Delilah on account of her mutilated face she is left to work the bar, but the other prostitutes save money until they have enough to put out a bounty. Delilah is a much more passive character and seems content to allow Strawberry Alice to seek vengeance on her behalf.

Unforgiven Ideation

As we developed different ideas including creating an info-graphic based on the events in the film using the image of a gun.Image

We considered incorporating some sort of anti violence message with the info-graphic by placing the image of bullet holes in the poster. We thought about this because Munny refuses to fight during the main part of Unforgiven but, in the end he chooses to fight for his friends and kills 9 men. We gave up on the idea of a gun image as alcohol played a far more pivotal role in the film’s development.


We considered designing our own labels for the different characters in the film using different types of alcohol and different styles of label for each character.


Unforgiven (graphic)

I have spent some time looking at different ways of presenting our work with my group and we have gone throughout a series of ideas. We initially looked at the idea of creating some sort of info-graphic featuring a liquor bottle because alcohol was such a reverent them through out the film. We also looked at the possibility of creating a movie poster and using typography to explain the way in which different characters progress off screen as well as on screen.

Eventually we returned to the idea of bottles because we felt that alcohol was still important enough to use in our final outcome. We looked at several different ideas involving alcohol bottles. We considered creating a series of labels where instead of ingredients we would have each characters development arc written and a stylised image of the character as an image on the label but as we head so many characters to do this for this seemed quite impractical. We also felt that it would be useful to create some back story for Munny, as before the events which transpire in Unforgiven we find out that he used to be some sort of Bandit who only stopped because of the love of his wife. I began writing a short piece of fiction about Munny’s previous life before he met his wife, -“


The Prequel:



The scene opens with a sunrise; everything is tinted orange with the landscape painted with harsh black shadows. The silhouette of a lone rider is shown against a backdrop of lightening red sky. As the rider in silhouette trots his horse across the horizon the camera pans across the scene to reveal a man running from the rider. He stumbles and trips his way over the sandy landscape.

The scene changes to a much wider angle using an Establishing shot to show more sky and a crisper silhouette of the rider and the man running from him. In the same shot the rider draws a gun and shoots the running stumbling man, who then jerks as the bullet hits his body. He then falls to his knees and drops face first into the sand.

The scene pans to the riders face as he looks towards the rising sun. The face revealed to is that of a young Munny. He turns his horse away from the man he just killed and rides back into the dessert. Eventually he comes into a small town where he dismounts and walks into a tavern. When he enters the building all goes silent and we see the eyes of many of the larger more intimidating men in the room turn towards Munny while smaller more meek men look with more concentration into their glasses.

He strides up to the bar and sits. He glances at the bar tender that immediately begins to pour him a drink.”

This went over quite well initially and we considered developing it but it was later discarded as an idea in favour of creating something with a far more central focus on the theme of alcohol. With this in mind we also began to look at how Munny’s relationship with alcohol may have been influenced by his relationship with his wife, as he states through out the film that she changed him and made him who he was. The idea we developed around this was that Munny’s wife could be represented by a flower growing inside a bottle of whiskey and that as the level of alcohol in the bottle dropped the lower would grow bigger and more impressive. But when Munny’s wife dies, repented by the flower wilting and it’s petals falling away, the level of alcohol rises again leading to the climactic scene of Unforgiven in which Munny shoots 9 men and returns to drinking.



We also consider personifying the bottle and the flower but we have made no final decision in that area as of yet.