The story line of Strawberry Alice and Delilah

Strawberry Alice

Begins film as Head Whore

Ends film in the same position.

Her character is shown to be fiercely protective of the other girls. She turns down the offer of the pony because she believes they can get more adequate revenge, the pony wouldn’t have belonged to Delilah anyway even if they had accepted it as compensation.

Strawberry Alice at this point begins gathering funds in order to put out a bounty for the death of Delilah’s mutilator so that the girls may have adequate revenge and compensation, “blood for Blood”.

Seeing as nobody wishes to hire Delilah on account of her mutilated face she is left to work the bar, but the other prostitutes save money until they have enough to put out a bounty. Delilah is a much more passive character and seems content to allow Strawberry Alice to seek vengeance on her behalf.


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