We were asked to research the subject or genre which we want to create cover designs for. We were also told we could include designs for the spine and back if you feel the urge. “It’s all about capturing the idea core to the narrative, it really doesn’t matter exactly how that is done, as long as the concept it good and the execution has been well presented.”- Paul McCormack

I looked at Vector Graphics and Illustration which looks at popular illustrative techniques. This book has a lot of visual information but also serves as a manual that looks at the creative possibilities offered by software such as Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW. Featuring some of the exemplary illustration work being created around the world, especially in countries with an emerging graphic design scene, including Malaysia, Brazil, Singapore, and India.

I also looked at the work of Sandra Zahirovic. Her cover art is is ver stylish and has a dramatic impact upon the viewer.



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