Developing Graphs

I looked at several differing examples of how images are used to share data and I fly that keeping a fairly stylized look to the lay out of my graphs would work best for me.


I created two graphs, one showing the statistics of executions in each country and the total number of execution globally to show the scale of the executions and then a second graph showing how many countries had abolished executions and which years executions had been abolished in. I did this to high light what I think are the two most important areas when it comes to the Death Penalty, firstly the sheer number of people who are being executed, and secondly the number of countries who have come to realize that execution is too extreme a method of retribution.

In order to try and make my graphs as attractive to an audience as possible I showed a group of people different types of graph, pie charts, scatter graphs and 3d surface graphs. 8 out of 12 in the group preferred the donut graphs and thought they were easier to read and simply looked more appealing.




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