A summary of Week 0

Week 0 went really well as a way of getting back into the pattern of working in a team and going through the ideation process. I found it really helpful for helping me to remember how to work and I really enjoyed it. The final idea the group I was a part of came up with was a fantasy world concept where a young boy is swallowed by a squirrel and travels to a magical land through the squirrel.







We worked with a fairly cute simple story which we found amusing and worked a lot on the style we wanted it to be as we prepared it for presentation to the rest of the class.


Tana created the final design we presented for our young protagonist.

Boy For Squirel

Her character design proved very popular with our audience.

We also did a lot of different pieces of development for our old man character who interacts with the boy inside the magical world. This concept art for the old man helped create a more final feel for this little project as it showed a possible future of what might happen to the boy if he stays in this world.

20140919_121825 20140919_121943

Overall this was a lovely project to get started with and a great way to get back in touch with the ideation process while looking at a few interesting styles for possible future animations.


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