Creative Solutions: Project ; week 1

When starting this new topic we were given the problem of, ‘Things coming together,’ we were asked to create a 15 second film in 4 weeks using Maya. During week 1 we wanted to get through as many different ideas as possible in order to eliminate as many poor ideas from the process early on. We began fairly simply using a spider diagram to put as many ideas up as possible.








After getting as many ideas up as we possible could, (70 overall) we decided to start grouping our ideas and combining different things to create our favorites and reduce the number of over all ideas to choose from.



After singling out our top 15 ideas we put it to a vote to decide which ideas we would develop with concept art.

20140926_143926 20140926_143933

Thus far we are very happy with where this project is going and we are hoping to continue with as much ease for the duration of this project as we have in its’ initial stages.


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