Integration Techniques

Integration Techniques are the blending the two or more elements into the one plate, and making it fit in with all the footage used.

Animation  can be combined with live action in several ways, sometimes as simply as double-printing two negatives onto the same release print. As the industry has progressed trough time, we have developed more sophisticated techniques with more exact positioning, and better interaction of actors and animated elements.

Every frame of a live action film could be traced using rotoscoping, and an animator could add their work to the film this way. As digital special effects became more efficient when combining live-action and animation it has become more common to see this in films.

The Lord of the Rings trilogy includes substantial amounts of animation interspersed through out the live action, though it may not be recognized as such because of the animation’s realistic appearance.

-“In my mind, it isn’t animation, unless it looks like animation.” -Roger Ebert, Film Critic

Myself and my partner created a brief presentation explaining Integration Techniques so that it could be shown to a group of people.

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 10.58.10 PM


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