Ideation before Creation

We began the ideation process today and came up with numerous ideas each with their own merits and let downs.


Looking at a few different areas we found that when considering style we kept returning to the ideas of Steampunk and Cyberpunk aesthetics, we may take these into further consideration again once we have a more solid idea about where we wish to develop this project through it’s appearance as well as the action which will take place in the animation.




We found 3 ideas which stood out to us as being the best to use and we considered what we liked about all of them and how each of them would meet the requirements set out in the challenge we were issued. We enjoyed the idea of creating a nuclear apocalypse  and having an animated skeleton walk through the ruins of a destroyed suburb, the humour of this idea struck us as being quite promising. We also liked the idea where we would have to super humans battling in an urban setting and destroying the area around them as they fought, similar to the scene in ‘Hancock’ where Hancock (Will Smith) and Mary (Charlize Theron) battle each other in the middle of the city causing massive amounts of damage to their surroundings.



The idea we decided to use was, ‘The Ghost Train’ in which a spectral steam locomotive moves through a city and passes through a man leaving him scared and shaken. We liked this idea best as there were a lot of opportunities for style to be examined and taken to different extremes.



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