Pause Project

We have been asked to pause our current project in Creative Solutions in order to undertake a challenge given to us by our lecture. This challenge is to storyboard an idea for a 15-20 second animation that could be created using photo realism as part of out technique.

The film will be completed by external sources while our task is to draft an idea. The film needs to show the augmentation of live action with cgi. My team must create a storyboard with the potential to make the ‘augmentation’ totally photo realistic. The cgi could be a key story point or a background item, but it needs to feel part of the world.

We have been told that adding vehicles is an achievable asset creating period or retro mechanical pieces should work well, my team considered looking at Steampunk and Cyberpunk aesthetics might be useful for this area. We were also asked to consider a more set piece idea where actors hit/damage part of a car that is perfectly lit and graded grafted on cgi. Body tracking a bit of collision geometry gives good scope for the initial ‘on-set’ training. Another examples we were given is the gag where a super hero or Meta human is hit by a vehicle and parts of it crumple. There was also a recommendation for completing the piece with grading so it has a period, noir or other stylised look.


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