Shot Break Down of Storyboards

First Shot: 1
Mid shot

Man walks into shot from the left while placing a cigarette in his mouth. The man attempts to light his cigarette. All is dark around him aside from a faint glow at the end of the street.

  1. SFX
    Echo of traffic in the distance
    Footsteps on pavement
    Flicks of the lighter
    Moderate wind
    Very subtle background sound of a train on the tracks
  2. VFX
    (Possibly) Composite on sparks from the lighter
    Street lights

2014-10-15 16.03.30 2014-10-15 16.03.35

First Shot: 1.1
Mid Shot (Moves to) Over the Shoulder Shot

An intensely bright light appears at the end of the street, the man raises his arms to protect his eyes. Steam pours into the street and creates a foggy ethereal effect.

  1. SFX
    Loud steam trains whistle
    A steam engine huffing sound
  2. VFX
    Lens flare
    Steam/ smoke pouring into the street
    Train model (3D)

Second Shot: 2
Extreme Close Up

Terror and surprise are conveyed through this ECU of the mans eye as the steam train rushing towards him is reflected in the brightly lit eye while his pupil contracts.

  1. SFX
    Car horns blare
    Train whistle screams
    The trains engine noise increases
  2. VFX
    Composite the train over the eye

 2014-10-15 16.03.39

Third Shot: 3
Long Shot 

The train races towards the man and breaks apart into black smoke and pale steam as it passes through him.

  1. SFX
    Screeching of rails
    Wind picks up and becomes more noticeable
  2. VFX
    Motion Tracking
    Train Model
    Lights of the train
    Smoke, steam and fog
    Transparency (so the man can be seen through the body of the train)

2014-10-15 16.03.46

Fourth Shot: 4
Mid Shot

The man turns around in stunned shock. His eyes are wide, his shoulders are slumped and the cigarette is now lit, the smoke from the cigarette drifts up and out of the shot.

  1. SFX
    Wind Blowing
    Fading sound of the train
    Traffic echoes in the distance
    Leaves on trees can be heard rustling
  2. VFX
    Smoke from cigarette

 2014-10-15 16.03.53

Fifth Shot:5
Long Shot (POV)

The man looks into the street and sees that the phantom Train has vanished. All that remains are two parallel scorch marks with smoke rising from them and a few sparks.

  1. SFX
    Echoes of traffic
  2. VFX
    Smoke rising from scorch tracks

2014-10-15 16.04.02

Sixth Shot: 6
High Angle Long Shot

The man flicks his cigarette away and walks into the heavy dark of the night.

  1. SFX
    Cigarette hitting the ground
    Echoes of traffic
  2. VFX
    Lens flare from street lamp

2014-10-15 16.04.07

The story boards were drawn by:


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