Essay Ideas and Requirements

Individual students will produce a 2,500-3,000-word essay, which will explore one (or more) of the issues covered during the module programme.

Essay requirements.
Proposing a question.

  1. The Topic
  2. The Research Question
  3. Importance to the field of your research
  4. The outline for the essay
  5. Bibliography

Use books and journals rather than the web.
Use the Harvard scale for Bibliography.
Keep essay clean and presentable.

What interests you?
Hot topics
Popular research themes in journals
Styles/genres/national animation
Categories of animation

These were a few ideas which I thought might be interesting to expand upon in an essay:

1. How narrative changes between films from different cultures. Particularly in conveying the folklore and local stories of the area.

A-Cat-in-Paris2 – A Cat In Paris
tripletsofbelleville – The Triplets of Belleville
The Illusionist – The Illusionist

2. How culture affects the narrative and style of an animation.
CHICKEN RUN – Chicken Run
Wallace and Gromit - Tea – Wallace and Gromit

3. Examine how different directors examine ‘Stories and Legends’ from a different cultural point of view. ‘American Mulan’ v ‘Chinese Mulan’
0023ae9bcf230c9966d212 – A traditional concept of Mulan
mulan_ks20 – Disney’s Mulan

4. African fairytales and style vs European fairytales and style.
The Tale of How  – The Tale of How
The Tale of How 2 – The Tale of How
Kirikou-and-the-Sorceress-5 – Kirikou and The Sorceress
5. Western and Asian animation what changes what remains the same and how the narrative is used.
tumblr_mbi20sN4cl1qzfr0xo1_500  – Spirited Away
a musical-tea-party – Disney’s Alice in Wonderland
6.Why the animations of different cultures take on certain styles. The iconography, imagery and narrative of different cultures.
7. Genders in Fairytales of different cultures, ‘The passive Princess’ of European tales, ‘The trickster Hero’ of African tales and ‘The Humble Hero’ of Asian tales.
disney-princess_49733_10 – Disney’s Snow White
8. How Gods, Goddesses and Deities are presented in different animation and cultures (See: Sita Sings the Blues, Hercules, Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, My Neighbour Totoro, Waking Life, The Secret of the Kells) Dealing with hugely powerful spiritual beings in animation, not always Gods.
sitasingstheblues3 Sita sings the blues 06.RamHanuSitaRainReflect ShadowPuppets01 – Sita Sings the Blues
TheSecretofKells3 – The Secret of the Kells
9. Character Archetypes: How are these translated over different cultures, what changes? What remains the same? Why do some things change, what areas of a characters personality relate best to different cultures.
10. How have Fairytales become more culturally appropriate in animation due to the global audience?
11. How two Directors tell the same story. (Pocahontas and Nausicaa, Two cultures clash how is nature affected)
Nausicaaposter – Nausicaa in the Valley of the Wind
5040-jpg (1) – Disney’s Pochahontas
12. The art style of different areas affecting the animation produced in those areas.Bebe's Kids – Bebe’s Kids


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