Concept Art: Creatures of Nebbia; The Forest of Mist

As Nebbia is found on Isola Di Sogni it is inhabited by creatures who would fit in with either dreams or nightmares.  Isola Di Sogni is the part of Terra Dimentica which receives the most visitors from other realms who usually fall onto it’s shores through their dreams. Those who enter Terra Dimentica but do not truly belong to it are called Spettri. They are sleepers who have become lost between the Realm of Dreams and the Land of Death. Spettri are not aware of their crossing into a different world. This is because one of the species of creature which inhabit Isola Di Sogni and resides in Nebbia ensure the continuation of their dream state.

These creatures are the Seguace. A race of beings who will find and follow and Spettri and weave dreams into their minds. They choose to do this as they feed of the emotions created by the dreams. These are one of the few creatures who build dwellings for themselves in all of Terra Dimentica. Choosing to live in raised homes they build onto and into trees. This is because they wish to have an elevated view of their territory so that they may spot any Spettri who enter it.

Seguace- Their name means follower as they will follow any Spettri they find.Seguace

One of the few true predators to be found in Nebbia is the Segombra. Creature which surrounds it’s true body with shadows attempting to create the illusion of something sweet and approachable so that it may devour what ever may venture too close.

Segombra- A combination of the words Segugio and Ombra so it’s name is a combination of hound and shadow.Segombra

The Sussuro-Tics are the main prey of the segombra. They are naive little flying creatures which many young Seguace capture and tame in order to be kept as pets though many of the fully grown Seguace consider them a nuisance as the Sussuro-Tics frequently break into their homes in large numbers in order to find shelter. There are huge swarms of Sussuro-Tics found through out Nebbia and there are many variations of their species found all over Terra Dimentica.

Sussuro-Tics- Sussuro, meaning whisper, is a reference to the sound they make when flying. As wind moves through the long trailing feathers which make up their wing and tail plumage it creates the illusion of whispering voices. This is also a defense mechanism as when they fly fast enough the whisper can become a drawn out scream which can alarm their main pradators, the Segombra.Sussuro-tic



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