Concept Art: The Creatures of Palude

Palude is a very flat landscape so when looking accross it from Nebbia you can see the mountains of Nessuna. Many streams cross Palude From the Vecchio Fiume and the Dolce Fiume, which are the two rivers on its borders. Most of Palude is covered in swamp land or large placid lakes. It is a difficult environment to find shelter in and even harder to find land to settle on. Some creatures have adapted to this and live as nomads while others use this lack of shelter to their advantage in order to hunt.

Cappana’s are one of the creatures which use the lack of shelter to their advantage. They have large hollow chests which can be opened and entered and while the aggressive males of the species use this as a way of luring in the unwary in order to devour them, the more nurturing and peaceful females of the species tend to be caught and domesticated. They are used as shelter by many of the larger more sentient species on Palude but the females tend to either graze the march weeds for small creatures or eat any Schianto-Tics (A sub-species of the Sussuro-Tic) unwise enough to settle on their bodies or venture inside them looking for shelter.

Cappana- Their name comes from the word ‘hut’ as this is what their bodies usually resemble but this appearance has been known to change, with more exotic looking cappana females having mottled skin which resembles bricks or stone.


There are two dominant species which reside on Palude. The co-habit fairly peacefully but have been known to fight each other over food and land though they have never sought confrontation between themselves.

Peloso- These creatures are quiet and tend to use boats to move through the swamps and rivers. They are squat but exhibit a strength which far exceeds their size, this strength when paired with their aggressive nature makes them formidable in a fight. Their name means hairy as they are the only creature on Palude to have fur on their bodies instead of moist skin or scales. They use their tails to hunt in the water trailing the tufted hairs on the tips along the surface in order to draw up any aquatic creatures which may be eaten.


Pescatore- These creatures are far more peaceful than their neighbors and tend to exhibit a more delicate manner despite heir impressive size. They use their long legs and wide splayed hooves to navigate the shallower swamplands and then choose to swim across anything deeper. Their thin, moist skin and long lean muscles with wide splayed hands make them ideally suited towards amphibious life. Their incredible skill in the water makes then excellent predators.


Schianto-Tic- This is a sub-species of the Sussuro-Tic. They have iridescent feathers and a streamlined body ending in a wide flat tail which gives them better maneuverability in their aquatic environment.



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