Concept Art: Creatures of Nessuna; The Mountains of Nowhere

Nessuna’s mountains are a bleak and harsh landscape on which it is difficult to eek out a life. All the creatures found in these mountains live very transient lives and are generally selfish about resources and tend towards being savage in nature. Some can be persuaded to trade with any hunters who may travel to the mountains in search of rare game or precious stones and minerals but mostly they will choose only to deal with The Young Gods who come to them. The creatures of Nessuna are probably the most keenly intelligent of all in Terra Dimentica and they are certainly the most cunning. This is why they are the ones usually sought out by the young Gods when on quests for The Old Gods.

Volo Duro- The strongest residents of the mountains they are often seen carrying loads which weigh as much as themselves. They are very proud creatures and rarely deal with anything unless it is a Young God or they personally will gain greatly from a situation. They prefer to remain in the very highest peaks in Nessuna. Secluding themselves away from almost all others and rarely interacting with other creatures so long as they can avoid it. Their name comes from the words ‘hard’ and ‘flight’ as they push themselves far harder than other creatures and force themselves towards greater endurance.Vuelo 2

Volo Morbido- Like their sister species they are somewhat reclusive but they are also much more gentle and tend to be more open towards interacting and trading with those who visit the mountains. They have a fondness for shiny objects regardless of their value and like to decorate their caves with anything they acquire males of the species will often try to woo females by placing many shiny objects around the entrances to their caves to attract their attention so that they may begin courting them. They are quite vain creatures and tend towards high maintenance grooming and hygiene and will frequently venture down to the base of the mountains in order to bathe in the Vecchio Fiume (The Old River) which runs between the mountains and the swamplands of Nebbia. Their name mean ‘Soft flight’ as they prefer a much more easy going lifestyle than the Volo Duro.Vuelo

Selvaggio-Tic- The last of the Tic species found on Nebbia they are extremely territorial and act hostilely towards any creature who enters it. Their preferred method for beating an opponent is to fluff as many of their long quilled sharp feathers up as possible in order to distract with the bright colours and then fly at the eyes and claw at the vulnerable surface with the paws. They have been known to attack and frequently wound any Volo who accidentally pass too close to one of their nests and are the most avoided species of Tic. Sometimes hunters who wish to prove their greatness amongst the Volo and other species will capture a Selvaggio-Tic and have it caged and try to tame it in order to show their strength of will. Selvaggio from the word ‘savage’ as it is the best word to describe the small creatures natures. Selvaggio-Tic


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