Concept Art: The Old Gods

Notte Stellata- The God of night skies. It is an observer of all that happens around it. Watching the dealings that go on between other gods and the creatures of Terra Dimentica is made easier by this gods ability to become invisible. Notte Stellata is the god most frequently praised by the creatures of Pallude who value the starry night skies for hunting in the darkness. It is from this that Notte Stellata gains it’s name meaning ‘starry night’.

Notte Stellata-God of Night

Cecita- The God of mists and fog. Hiding amongst the misty ruins of it’s fallen temple, Cecita is the most reclusive of The Old Gods and only ventures to the edge of it’s realm when it wishes to make a request of one of The Young Gods. Even when Cecita does venture away from it’s hidden sanctuary it is almost impossible to see what this God looks like as it shrouds itself in soft tendrils of fog as if it were wearing a robe. Named after it’s white unseeing eyes Cecita’s name means ‘blind’. However it is this blindness to the present that allows Cecita to receive visions of the future.

Tempesta- The God of storms. It’s temples remain strong and stand upright and tall on the edge of Cerchio Degli Dei reaching in towards the mountains of Nessuna. Tempesta is actively worshipped by both species of Volo who make their homes in Nessuna. They praise this god for giving them strong winds upon which to fly. To show their thanks they choose to leave offerings of beautiful flowers and sweet fruits and berries which are incredibly rare in the mountains. Tempesta is an aggressive god and will frequently summon storms of snow and hail which can reach far across Terra Dimentica until it is appeased. It usually takes the intervention of one of The Young Gods to calm one of Tempesta’s rages. Taking it’s name from the great tempests it can conjure tempest is a god not often approached by any except the Volo who worship it. Tempesta


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