First Month Complete

I have just finished my first month of placement and so far it has progressed very well. I have been in London for three weeks and have completed two projects for Digital Shoguns. I received positive feed back for both of these only requiring a few adjustments before they were suitable for the final product.

The first project I completed involved three characters. In the scene I was given the two antagonists had to tackle the protagonist. Animating this was a interesting and a great way to work on animating character interaction. This project took me a little under two weeks to complete.

The second project I received was animating a bird looking down out of a nest. This animation only took a few days to complete and and send back for the final scene. I am currently awaiting my third project from Digital Shoguns.

While I am in London I have also taken up a part time job tutoring in 3D animation. This has been going quite well and there has been a marked improvement in my student’s familiarity with Mayas tools. In my next lesson I’m going to teach her how to do a walk cycle and will continue to keep an update of her progress.


My Placement Year

Today is the official start to my placement year which I have split between a few different areas. To fulfill my university’s requirements for my placement year I have to do 25-48 weeks of work placement or other material relevant to my course. As part of my assessment for placement year I must keep a log of my activities and will be doing so using my blog.

I have divided my placement into three areas for the year.

  1. Beginning in September I will be taking part in an internship with a studio called Digital Shoguns in London, where I will be mainly doing character animation along with other tasks.
  2. I am also going to return to my high school in Northern Ireland,as a guest speaker addressing students thinking about going on to study animation and film at university.
  3. For the majority of my placement though I will be working for Slack Press in Newry, a local social enterprise, dedicated to building community and story telling.

I am very much looking forward to taking part in all of this.