Second Month Complete

During the second Month of my internship with Digital Shoguns I’ve been waiting for some completed rigs to be sent to me from some of their new projects for October. While awaiting these I’ve done several other small projects to fill my time such as taking part in Inktober to improve my traditional drawing and illustrative techniques which should improve my storyboarding skills.

I also arranged to go and visit some other studios to talk to about their views on animation and where the industry is going. I spoke to Golden Wolf a studio who create bespoke animations for their clients using mixed media including live action, 2D animation, 3D animation and some stop motion. I also visited Escape studios who offer focussed courses where you can study different techniques and areas of animation and game design. They teach their students about how when gaining access to the industry focussed training is invaluable. They also like to insure that all of their graduates who are referred to as Escapees will have excellent showreel and work closely with them to help create one. By using a combination of intimate training and practical challenges Escape studios gives Escapees up to the minute knowledge and current skills ready to be put to use in any area of industry. I have arranged to attend one of Escape Studios taster days for their Games and Game art development to gain a better understanding of what is important and looked for in the industry.

The tutoring I am giving is going well and during October my student has learnt how to animate a walk cycle and a jump. I have also been teaching her how to ideate for creating characters and taught her how to model and rig a character. The lessons have been progressing successfully and she is showing great improvement in all areas particularly in her drawing and design process as well as getting better at creating smoother animations.

I enjoyed going to a gallery of E. H. Shepherds early work before he illustrated Winnie the Pooh. His work from during the war was very emotive and his attention to accuracy and detail were a benefit to those on the front line for seeing where that should be aiming their shells. The comic work he did for Punch magazine showed how he still kept his humor throughout the war and kept his popularity high enough to ensure that he had work coming in after he had finished his tour of duty.


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