Third Month Complete

I have finished my 3 month placement with Digital Shoguns.┬áThe work I’ve done for this studio has been really beneficial to my portfolio and in showing me a new area of the animation industry. I did some animation for a game for them during this month and found animating for games quite interesting, particularly the subtlety of idle animation for a standing character.

The tutoring sessions I have been giving are also drawing to a close soon but my student has shown a great deal of improvement from where we first started back in September. I’ve very much enjoyed teaching about animation and can see that my own understanding of some areas has been improved by teaching them.

During December I am meeting the company I will be starting work with for the next stage of my placement. Slack Press is a social enterprise which aims to develop young peoples skills in producing digital content. I’m really looking forward to seeing a different area of the industry and learning more about the business and pitching side of production