Seventh Month Complete

During April I completed several more animations and concept pieces for SlackPress, but I was also commissioned to work on some promotional pieces for the “You haven’t heard of us yet” tour happening in Northern Ireland over the next few months. For this I had to create some art to be used on a poster and am currently in the process of adding some kinetic typography and graphics to their promotional video for the tour.

I have also completed my silver smithing course and created several very lovely pieces while on it, I’m really looking forward to wearing some of these and perhaps selling some other pieces.

Half way threw May I am leaving the country for Durban, where I will be giving a lecture on 3D animation and the different ways you can specialise in the field of general animation and make yourself more marketable. While I am out there I am also going to attend several fine art painting classes and take the opportunity to gather reference images of a completely different landscape to the one I have become accustomed to in Britain.

Before I leave however I still have several pieces of animation to complete for SlackPress, including this month a few short hand drawn animations depicting fantastical creatures.


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