Week 2

While deciding what to do for my final year film I thought it might be a good idea to look into several competitions that might have briefs that would fit with the hand in deadline and may also have inspirational ideas behind them. Some of the competitions I looked at were held by RSA Student Design Awards and D&AD New Blood Awards which were more graphic Design oriented.

I also looked into several less specifically briefed competitions with my team to give us a little more creative freedom during our ideation process. Annecy Film Festival looked very interesting and would come with international recognition should we place in it. One of the competitions I found which I was very interested in coming up with an idea for was Dead by Dawn an Edinburgh Horror animation festival. The brief was that the animation should be driven by story and unsettle the audience rather than use the cliched jump scares and gore which have become common throughout the horror genre.

The team I’m currently working with is comprised of four members including myself. We all have a lot of skills to draw from and i believe have varied enough opinions on style and story that we will be able to come up with and create a very pleasing outcome.

Team members; Aidan Scott, Daryl Randall and James Hugh Dalton


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