Final Idea

For our final idea which we will develop into our project we are taking a few of our previous ideas and merging them into a fuller more well rounded project. Currently our two favourite ideas have been the “Train to Wonderland” animation and our “Trench Runner” game. The things we liked most about the “Train to Wonderland” idea was the time period we wanted the animation to be set in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s, we thought that the visual aesthetics to so with this period suited the visuals we wanted to create. While the “Trench Runner” game had the interactive elements that we as a team would really like to explore.

Our decision to combine these two ideas resulted in an interesting first draft for a VR project focussing on a WW1 veteran suffering with PTSD as he goes on a tube journey in the London Underground. We wanted to immerse the viewer into a scene where they could look around the Tube Station and then board the tube. Once on the tube we wanted to really establish the type of situation this man was in by having the conversations around him all hint towards the events which would trigger WW2. The train itself is something we’re very keen to create as we want it to be a visually stunning focal point at the beginning of this experience. Once the viewer has been brought onto the train and settled into the scene we want to start the triggers which will lead to the WW1 veterans flashbacks.

During these flashbacks we want to introduce the trench as a direct overlay to the carriage interior. We want soldiers to be shown sitting where there were passengers before and we want the edges of the carriage to match the edges of the trench. Once immersed in the flashback to the trench we want to show the misery of the characters there through pathetic fallacy of the weather and the deject and derelict state of the objects in the trench.

The continuation and the back and forth between the tube and the trench flashbacks will have to be ver precise as we don’t want the transitions to be jarring for the viewer. I think the team and I will have to do further research into the best way to create flash backs in VR in order to reduce any uncomfortably jarring situations for our audience.

I’m going to be using several different sources for my research into this project, starting with getting extensive background knowledge about PTSD after WW1 or as it was called then “Shell Shock“. We’re also going to be looking into the history of tactics used in WW1 and what the usual life of a soldier at the time was expected to be like. We are also planning on arranging interviews with an expert on the subject to gain some first hand know from them.


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