For much of the concepts in this project I have been looking at Art Deco for inspiration into the character design, but using the artist Michael Malm for inspiration into how we light the scene. We’re also looking at the cinematography in the film Cafe Society  particularly the use of the mellow lamp lights in the office scenes creating a sepia like effect.


When thinking about the characters and how they would stand and move, I was completely drawn to the work of Peregrine Heathcote who’s work features strong and dynamic poses.

The poise exhibited by the people in these paintings is something I’m going to try and emulate in my animation once we start animating the characters in our VR experience. I feel that the almost stoic attitude of these character will really help to carry through the tension we want to create in our veteran characters and how those around him feel. The emotional response from the audience when we do our first user test will really help me to see how effective this is and whether or not it is worth trying to emulate that kind of feeling in our own characters.


This is some of the concept work I’ve been developing, I’m trying to keep the clothes, hair and make-up as close the 1930’s as possible for accuracy in our designs.


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