Typography has been a fairly important element of the development of my groups interactive project.


Using typography as a way to communicate the mood and genre of our project has also interested me a lot.

Image Using relatively gothic lettering I tried to communicate how the minion character was evil and juxtaposed it against the stronger clearer lettering of the Eco Warriors them selves.

ImageImage I also wanted to make some of the text look as if Caine had written it with her own claws which I thought would be a fun element to incorporate into this project.


Cain Desing AnimalCain Desing HumanIntelligence minion copyJellyfish Card


Platform Game

I am currently trying to create some online games to go with the eco warriors Top Trumps cards. This is proving quite difficult especially as the soft ware I am using is relatively new to me and I am learning how to use it on a fairly tight dead line. I am hoping to finish a platform style game made in flash and so far this is going relatively well aside from a few unfortunate set backs.

Christmas Break Project

We have been given a new assignment to be completed by the 6 january, We have to create an interactive element for the work we created earlier in the year. Using the jellyfish world my group and I are creating a top Trumps game using our characters and other elements of the world. We are also going to create an Online element where we use pre made animations to create a battle style simulation between characters with different outcomes depending on the points on the cards.