Rendered Street with Car

These are the rendered versions of our street with the car now in place.10914826_10203322210156158_8726226120694150045_o



Emma and Tyrones’ Car Crash

This is a car crash using the car Emma made. We plan to put this into the scene we created buildings for. I put this short video together to make it easier to compare the different crashes which Tyrone and Emma animated and to see how well the smoke effect looks.
I did none of the animation in these clips I just put them together in this sequence in order to analyze them. -Emma -Tyrone

Concept Art: The Young Gods

There are many gods who pass through Terra Dimentica, The Old Gods remain in the land as they are bound to it but some of the gods who visit Terra Dimentica choose to make their place there as well. Any who choose to remain on Terra Dimentica become one of The Young Gods. The two who have remained in the land longest only leaving when they need to are Sangue Scuro and Aurum Lingua. These two stay as the lands where they were once worshipped have long since died and their names have been forgotten by all others. They may visit between different worlds and do when asked to by The Old Gods but are content to stay in Terra Dimentica for the majority of their time.

Sangue Scuro- God of the hunt. The cacciatore often praise him when they are successful in their hunts and the priestesses leave him offerings when they venture out with the hunters of their tribes. Sangue possesses immeasurable skill with any weapon he picks up but he only ever carries one. A huge sword three times the size of any creature he may encounter. He travels far across Terra Dimentica seeking out fights and creatures with whom he may test his skill. If he hears of any visitors to the land who may be worthy opponents he tracks them and battles them to determine his skill. He tends to mostly come to the aide of Cecita as he finds the visions of the future useful, especially if they lead to an enemy whom he can fight. His name means ‘dark blood’ as it is through the spilling of blood that he feels most powerful and worshipped. He acts as the protector of Terra Dimentica and fends off any hostile creatures from other worlds.
God of the HUnt


Aurum Lingua- Goddess of victory in battle. Aurum is a somewhat reckless god and follows the beat of her own drum. She has travelled further than most gods and seen more worlds than any others. After the destruction of  her own world she spent many millennia traveling across different universes. During this time she intervened in many different wars and battles altering their outcome and changing the fates of many worlds. She enjoys observing worlds and seeing the lives of others play out before her. She chose to remain on Terra Dimentica as it was the most peaceful location she had ever come across she found much joy in observing the lives of the creatures who lived there and became close to Notte Stellata. She acts as eyes and ears and relays all that she sees to it. She enjoys talking with the god and shares many of the old stories of her life during their talks. Being unable to speak any lie Aurum’s name means ‘gold tongue’ as she may only say what is true. The plays the roles of judge and jury for any disputes which may occur in Terra Dimentica as her inability to lie also lets her sense when those around her are lying.Onyx Demon