My Showreel 2015

Through out the past year I have worked in several different areas of animation allowing me to form a generalist background. I have worked on character animation, character design, modelling and building scenes. Working with different teams I have been a part of collaborated outcomes but I also work on my own to improve individual skills. For my character animations I have used models that I bought or which were made by other team members. My green fish animation was made using a model and rig built, by another team member, for a project we were working on at the time. The male and female walk cycles I animated were made using Ugg and Stella from the Body Mechanics Rigs which is an excellent series for learning to animate different body types. During the year I took on several roles in the teams I have been a part of. I have animated characters as well as designed them and in my Sushi Ninja animation I worked with another team member to model the characters I designed. Working on the story and character for the critter project I had less opportunity to animate the character but I did create the voice of critter and work on the character design with another team member. Animating a short scene on my own using a zombie rig was an interesting step into building a scene. I wanted something simple and clear so animating a short piece with a walking zombie and magic furniture was a fun opportunity to do some modelling and use some nCloth simulations. Working on a project for a client this year gave me the chance to experiment with both 2D and 3D animation, this meant I was able to develop some of my skills in Adobe AfterEffects. Building a scene as part of a larger team was enjoyable and I got the opportunity to model a clock tower, house, furniture and a car interior. Another team member used the car interior I modelled in a series of crash simulations. I used the Mery Rig to do some facial animation and voice acting as I feel these are necessary skills to develop should I want to work as a generalist animator.